Attention Water Heater Owners: ALERT!

October 2014

This is a must read if your water heater is 8 or more years old.

As of April 16, 2015, the US DOE (Dept. of Energy) has changed the minimum energy efficiency standards for water heaters, which means water heaters are going to get bigger and get more expensive. The new 2015 Energy Conservation Standards will impact all electric, gas-fired, oil-fired, and tankless water heaters!

Are you ready? What this means to you …..

1. INCREASED COST – Ready to pay 30% extra or more for your next water heater? Or maybe double the cost if your situation requires new heat pump style water heaters? No surprise … these units are going to get more expensive, much more expensive.

2. INCREASED SIZE – By the way, these new water heaters are growing. When your current one dies, are you ready to remodel, re-pipe to another location, or downsize if it won’t fit back in the same location?

3. LMIITED TIME TO BEAT THE DEADLINE – Manufacturers have stated they’re not waiting until April. Most will discontinue making existing models as early as the end of this November to make way for the new models.

What can you do to minimize the impact on you and your wallet?

1. Be Proactive and Save money - Replace it now while it’s cheaper and will still fit in your current location!

2. Get Peace of mind – Water heaters typically last at least ten years before you’ll have to worry about government regulations.

3. Call the “Water Heater Hotline” at Service Today 800-659-2273 for free assistance and information to answer any questions you may have.


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