How much does a new heater or air conditioning system cost?

That seems to be the first question I am asked whenever I am at a community event or tradeshow. When I see advertisements that state boldly “Any size system for only $XXXX”, the first thing I can tell you is to beware of anyone that can tell you an “exact” amount a new heating or cooling system will cost you, without walking through your home or talking to you about what issues you are experiencing. When pressed, I can tell you what a new Heat Pump can start out costing, but when you are talking about YOUR comfort, there is no “one size fits all”, or at least there shouldn’t be.

Your inside home comfort is an investment, and should be treated as such. At Service Today our certified Home Comfort Specialists are trained to walk you through the many facets of buying a new heating or cooling system. Here are a few of the questions to think about when thinking of buying a new heating or cooling system:

Efficiency/SEER rating:

When considering an upgrade on your current heating and cooling system, there are many different efficiency ratings to consider. Normally, the higher the SEER rating the lower your utility costs. Our HCS can explain each rating and what it will mean for you for Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, and Oil Furnaces, Hybrid Systems and Ductless heating and cooling systems.

Square footage and layout of home:

Does your home have cathedral ceilings? How about a sun room on the west facing side of the home? Have you made additions to the original square footage of the home? Is the layout of your home an “open” floor plan or more traditional floorplan with many smaller closed off rooms? Is your home an older home without duct work? Believe it or not all of these are important questions to consider when you are talking about heating and cooling comfort in your home.

The art of listening:

Some think this is a forgotten art form, not at Service Today. Just like every home is different, everyone’s comfort level is different as well. We want you to tell us what your concerns are in the home. Are there rooms that are always cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Does just the thought of sleeping upstairs in the summer make you break out in a sweat? These are the things we want to address for you, to make you as comfortable in your home as possible.

Service Today provides FREE in home estimates for new or replacement heating and cooling systems. When you meet with one of our Home Comfort Specialist, we want you to feel that we are there to help and consult you, not just to sell you a “one size fits all” HVAC system. Service Today, an Employee owned company where “We make it right…RIGHT NOW!

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