Monthly and seasonal maintenance not only helps to keep your home running smoothly they also help to protect your investments and avoid costly repairs. Below, you will find several tips and reminders of household maintenance you can do each month.

November Home Maintenance Tips

1. Review the family fire escape plan with every household member.

2. When setting clocks back to Standard Time (Fall=fall back 1 hour), change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

3. Inspect automatic garage door opener and lubricate according to the manufacturer’s directions. Make sure all bolts and screws are properly tightened and secured.

4. Check for leaks around washing machine. Prime suspects for leaks are the water supply hose washers. Inspect hoses and replace if necessary.

5. Prepare your fireplace, discard any old ashes and ensure the damper is open to allow air to freely move through the chimney. If the air becomes cold, close back the damper after cleaning. Check the damper handle and springs to ensure the flue is operating correctly.

6. If you currently do not have a Service Agreement, make sure to call around and price out agreements for your system in your area. In most cases a service agreement costs less than an emergency service call. Service Today even offers easy monthly payments on our Service Agreements which includes a system tune up as well as priority service.