Are ductless heating and cooling systems right for your space? A ductless system is a great option for any space that needs heating and cooling but does not have access to a duct system or installing a duct system is simply not a practical solution.

An HVAC/ Plumbing specialist is the place to turn to have a ductless heating and cooling system installed. These systems can deliver real value.

Benefits of a Ductless Heating System

Ductless HVAC systems are also called mini-split systems. They deliver consistent temperature control in any space. An experienced heating and air conditioning company can easily install this system in any room of the house.

These systems are often used in spaces that would traditionally use baseboard systems. The beauty of these systems is that they can be mounted anywhere with very disruption to the property. The condenser is set outside and the unit inside is connected via a small hole drilled behind the unit.

The energy efficiency of these units is about 30% more efficient when compared with other heating/cooling systems for the same space.


Ductless Heat Down Sides

Initial out of pocket costs can be higher than other types of heating units, like electric baseboard heaters, but that initial higher cost is offset by the energy savings that can be realized with a ductless unit.

With these units, it is important that you are diligent about keeping the filter clean. Rinsing it off weekly is strongly recommended, especially for households with pets.


When Are These Systems The Right Choice?

  • There are several situations where having this type of system installed is the best option:
  • Garages, Bonus Rooms, Additions, Enclosed Porches
  • Downsizing in your current home
  • Meeting everyone’s comfort needs


Adding an addition to your current structure or perhaps you want to start using that attic space, these systems are a great way to create a comfortable climate without having to add new ductwork to “tie into” your current heating system.


Saving Energy In Your Home

Maybe the kids are grown and gone, and you are living in a house where many of the rooms are just not used. Instead of shutting the vents in unused rooms, set your thermostat way down, and have ductless heaters installed in the rooms that you do use.
A House Full of Different Comfort Levels

Many families install these heaters in the bedrooms so that each family member can control their own climate. Some family members may like it warmer than others. Keeping everyone comfortable is easy with these heating systems.


You Can Take Advantage

We are the employee-owned plumbing/HVAC firm that can help you find the perfect heating/cooling and plumbing solution. We are here to take care of the little things leaky faucets, running toilets, and other leaks ($6 billion of water is wasted each year from these kinds of leaks), and to help you with the big things like how you will heat your home, furnace repair and installing new heating cooling systems. For more information contact Service Today, your Trane Comfort Specialist. We will be happy to help.