The Top 5…well 6 Plumbing tools every house should have

Most every house has a toolbox for DIY projects, when it comes to plumbing repairs or upgrades there are a few specific tools you will need for the job. These tools are good for the new DIY enthusiasts and the seasoned homeowner as well as a licensed Plumber. Here are the essential tools to have on hand for any Plumbing emergencies or simple upgrades you may come across.

1) Plungers – Yes the “s” is supposed to be there since there are 2 kinds of basic plungers that you should own.

           a. Sink Plunger – a flat bottomed plunging cup. In order to create suction you will need a tight seal.

           b. Toilet Plunger – a protruding flange (accordion style) In order to create a tight seal you will need a protruding flange plunger. They can be found at any hardware store.

2) Adjustable wrench – or you may be more comfortable using locking pliers, both will do the same job.

3) Plumbers Tape – can also be called “Teflon tape”. You will use this for changing out a shower head or supply lines to make sure you get a good seal on the threads.

4) Gloves – You may want to keep both latex and work gloves handy, depending on the emergency you are experiencing.

5) 5 Gallon Bucket – not only will it be a handy storage place for your plumbing tools, you can use it as a stool or it can catch leaking water until you can get to the shut off valve.

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