I’m sure you have noticed it getting darker outside earlier already, as well as being cooler in the mornings and evenings. Which are all signs of Fall, and the end of Daylight Savings, which happens on November 1st, this year.

We all know that Daylight savings means to change your clocks throughout your home, change the batteries in your smoke detectors as well as test your smoke detectors and to go over your family plan in case of fire. BUT, did you know that is also the best time to change the batteries in your Heating and Air Conditioning thermostat!

Depending on the type of Digital Thermostat you have, normally you would receive a message on your screen approximately a month before the battery dies. In some cases, you may miss the message or your thermostat may not notify you. But if you are starting to experience issues with your home comfort, such as the system starting and stopping a lot or not coming on when you feel it should, the first step you should take is checking your batteries.

Most digital or programmable thermostats take AA batteries, which are easy to find and keep on hand. However your owners manual for your specific thermostat may or may not be filed in a super safe place, that is so safe even YOU can’t remember where. Don’t worry, the internet is a wonderful thing and almost everything can be found by typing in a simple search phrase.

We have taken the liberty of researching some of the most popular thermostats and their trouble shooting pages for you. However, if you ever have a problem just give us a call at 1-800-659-2273 and we will send someone right out.

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