What It Means To Be An Employee Powered Company

Service Today is an employee-powered company.  In fact, it’s the largest employee-powered heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical home services company in the tri-state area of Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Service Today has been employee powered since September 26th 2000. This means everyone working for our company is encouraged and empowered to take "ownership" of the company and do their best to ensure customer satisfaction. Employee powered generates the belief that the better we do for our customers the better it is for our company.

How Does Employee Power Benefit Customers? 

  • Customers always speak to an empowered employee with decision-making power every time they call.
  • Customers receive service from empowered employees who have a vested interest in their satisfaction.
  • Customers can rely on a “customer for life” mentality with the customers’ best interest always put at the top of the list.

What it means to be “Employee Powered”

As an employee of Service Today, our people are empowered to make decisions, take educated and calculated risks, and do what is right to best serve our customers.
Employee powership encourages employees to think like entrepreneurs and to share the entrepreneurial risks and rewards of the company. Employee powrership helps eliminate the "9 to 5" and “not my job” mentalities, and helps all parties realize their economic dependence is on the strength of the business as a whole.

Employe powerment at Service Today means taking on complete end-to-end responsibility for a customers’ well-being and complete satisfaction. Employee powership is not about a "job" it is about taking things on as a "mission", being responsible, accountable, and at all times "powering up".

All employees at Service Today…

  • Are employee powered in the company.
  • Share in the risks and rewards of being part of our family.
  • Influence future success of the company.
  • Share in financial results.

 Experience the difference…. You will be glad you did! Service Today, An Employee-Powered Company.