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Conventional Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are one of the most popular type of residential water heater. Sometimes called “Storage Water Tanks”, because the water is stored in the tank until it is “called” for by turning on the hot water tap.  The water that is stored in the tank is heated and re-heated throughout the day to keep a constant temperature, which results in “standby heat loss”.

Conventional water heaters come in several sizes, based on gallons of hot water. The most used residential electric water heater size is 40-50 gallons.  A 40-50 gallon tank will provide hot water for a family of 3 to 4 comfortably.

There are several things to consider when replacing an Electric water heater:

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Gallon Capacity

Look for the manufacturer's sticker, it will have how many gallons your current water heater is.



Physical Size

Due to recent government regulations the actual height and width of water heaters have changed. Many homes that have their water heater located in an interior room may have trouble finding a replacement unit of the same size to fit correctly.

Energy Efficiency

Make sure you get the most recent energy efficient water heater to save you money on operating cost throughout the year. An electric water heater that is Energy Star rated has a higher efficiency rating than minimum requirements.

What is an expansion tank, and do I need one?

First, let’s talk about what an expansion tank is. Everyone knows that when anything is heated it expands, water is the same way, but where does all that “extra” water go?  That is where an expansion tank comes in, if you have town/city water then you will need to have an expansion tank installed with your new water heater.  This is per the plumbing code for town/city water supplies, which are considered “closed” systems, which require a place for the expanded water to be stored.  Individual well systems are not considered “closed” therefore they do not require an expansion tank to be installed.

How much does a new Electric Water Heater cost?

Conventional Electric Water Heaters vary in price depending on the gallon capacity and size of the tank.  We can quote you over the phone on the installed cost of a new electric water heater, from our stock or one you may have already purchased.

Conventional Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters (LP or Natural) heat water faster than electric. Fast heating and efficiency may be why Natural gas water heaters are used in over half of all water heaters. Like conventional electric water heaters they can also be referred to as “Storage Water Tanks”, which means that the water is stored in a tank and heated throughout the day.

Residential Gas Water heaters range in capacity from 20 gallons to 80 gallons, depending on your family's needs.

There are a few elements to consider when replacing your gas water heater:

Gallon Capacity

Look for the manufacturer's sticker, it will list the capacity in gallons, fuel type and BTU’s.


Physical Size

Recent government regulations have impacted the height and width of gas water heaters. If your gas water heater is located in an interior room may have trouble finding a replacement unit of the same gallon capacity to fit correctly, due to the increased dimensions of the new high efficiency water heaters.

Energy Efficiency

Based on the type of fuel your water heater uses affects your operating costs and the efficiency of your water heater. Make sure to check the Energy Star rating on any water heater you are considering to purchase.

Will I need an expansion tank?

You will only need an expansion tank if you are on town or city water, since they are considered “closed loop systems”, the plumbing code requires an expansion tank. Expansion tanks are not required by code for individual well systems.

How much will a new Conventional Gas Water Heater cost?

Due to the complexities of Gas and plumbing codes, we provide Free In-Home estimates for all replacement gas water heaters.

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