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Listen Up! Your AC is Talking to You

Air Conditioning, HVAC
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Do you feel like your air conditioning system is trying to tell you something? Let’s get the straight talk about what those strange AC sounds mean and what you can do about them!

Your AC’s Clicking Chatter

When your AC unit turns on and off, it makes a clicking sound. Repeated clicking can mean you have an issue with the system’s relay switch. That’s a fix that’s quick and easy.

Short cycling can also be at the rooting of the clicking sound. When your system turns itself on and off repeatedly, it can damage the components. The cause of short-cycling may be as easy to fix as a clogged air filter, but it can also mean there is a leak in the system or the system is undersized for the home.

What’s the Buzz About?

The buzzing sounds from your AC unit can be a hornet’s nest of problems.

Buzzing can indicate your AC’s internal components are frozen. The unit needs to be thawed and restarted to determine if that fixes the issue.

The buzz might also be from a damaged condenser fan. Check the unit’s fan for debris or loose components.

Sparking a conversation with your AC unit may also come from an electrical issue. The buzzing may be from a loose wire or a faulty circuit board. A professional HVAC technician should handle issues with your unit’s electrical system.

Your AC is Squealing on You

There’s nothing like that high-pitched squealing noise from your AC that can make you jump out of your summer slumber.

That squeal can mean there’s an issue with your compressor. If you hear the sound, turn off the unit and call a licensed technician to make the repair.

The same noise might come from a slipped belt or loose components. A professional technician can assess if the squealing noise is sounding the alarm on any larger issues.

Your AC is a Whistle Blower

Your AC has an issue, and like any good whistle-blower, it’s trying to get your attention.

A few problems can cause that whistling sound coming from your vents, and the good news is you’re likely able to solve most of them. Dirty air filters, blocked return vents, and closed dampers can all cause the whistle sounds. With just a few adjustments, you can solve these problems.

If the whistle sound persists, the problem might be leaky ductwork or an undersized return grill. These are issues that a professional can help to fix.

Contact Service Today for 24/7 AC Repair in MD, DE & PA

Your AC noises are speaking volumes. Ignoring the chatter of your air conditioning unit isn’t just a bad idea. It could also lead to more serious problems with your system.

At Service Today, we hear what your AC unit is trying to tell you, and we have the expertise to diagnose and repair your air conditioner to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Contact Service Today online or call 844-844-0314 to request air conditioning repair and quiet the chatter!

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