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6 Ways To Save Money at Home This Holiday Season

Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing
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The holidays may be full of cheer, but they can really empty your wallet. Check out these six tips to save money on your utility bills this season.

1. Lower Your Thermostat

You can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by lowering your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees lower than your normal setting for eight hours a day, according to the Department of Energy.

This works best by using a programmable thermostat that can make that adjustment during the workday or while everyone is sleeping.

2. Replace Air Filters for Better Airflow

Help your HVAC system work more efficiently by replacing dirty air filters. Your HVAC system has to work harder to force air through clogged air filters, driving up your energy bill.

3. Add New Appliances to Your Gift List

Trading in old appliances for upgraded models can result in spending less money on utility bills thanks to improved efficiency. Not only that, high-efficiency models are better for the environment.

4. Unplug Electronics

This tip goes beyond turning off the lights in empty rooms. Electronics not in use also draw down a small amount of energy just by being plugged in.

Avoid vampire loads by plugging electronics into a power strip that can be turned off when unneeded.

5. Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

The ideal thermostat temperature, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water heater is set higher than that, you could dial it back to save on energy costs.

In addition, check that your water heater is working efficiently. If it’s over 12 years old, it might be time for a water heater replacement. Newer models meet the standards of the ENERGY STAR® program.

6. Check for Hidden Leaks

If you have a plumbing leak, you’re spending money on water you aren’t using. An expert can pinpoint the root source of your hidden leak and repair it.

Some leaks are ones you can easily detect. Leaky faucets and running toilets are also water wasters that drive up your water bill.

Choose Service Today

Keeping expenses in check is always a priority, but there is an even greater demand for the dollar during the holidays.

The professionals at Service Today can help keep your home safe and comfortable, and we can also help find ways to save you money.

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