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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Maryland & Delaware

Electric vehicles can reduce transportation costs, minimize your environmental footprint, and provide new features you won’t get from standard gas-powered cars. There are many benefits to switching to an electric vehicle, but like all vehicles, it needs enough fuel for your commute, errands, and other trips.

Professionally installed EV charging stations make keeping your vehicle fully charged and ready to go easy. At Service Today, our electricians can install the at-home charging station you need.

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Benefits of At-Home EV Charging Stations

There are plenty of benefits that you will enjoy when you choose to install an at-home EV charging station, including:

  • Convenient home charging
  • Less reliance on public chargers
  • Reduced charging costs
  • Reduced wear and tear on the battery
  • Increased property value

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Why You Need a Level 2 Charger From Service Today

Whether you have a Tesla, Rivian, Nissan Leaf, or another model, you need a reliable charger. There are two main options for at-home charging.

Level 1 chargers plug the vehicle directly into a 120V outlet via a standard three-prong plug, and most hybrid and electric vehicles facilitate this charging method. Like most appliances, it requires a dedicated branch circuit. Otherwise, the circuit will trip. This method will charge most vehicles at a rate of 2 to 5 miles for every hour of charging time. 

Conversely, Level II charging stations use a dedicated 240V circuit, which charges the vehicle at a rate between 10 to 60 miles per hour of charging time. This makes a Level II charger significantly faster and more convenient. While it does require the installation of a specialized charging station, the long-term savings and enhanced utility of your electric vehicle are most certainly worth the investment. 


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Signs You Need EV Charging Station Repair

EV charging stations are durable, but they are not indestructible. Power surges, storm damage, and more can damage your charging station.

If you notice the following signs, we recommend scheduling EV charging station repairs without delay:

  • Visible damage
  • Exposed wiring
  • Increased charging times
  • Low-voltage levels
  • Frequently tripped breakers

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Choose Service Today for Electric Vehicle Charger Service in MD & DE

At Service Today, we’re available to provide the same day service you need to keep your EV charging station in optimal condition.

Our highly trained electricians are always prepared to provide helpful recommendations and quality services to make your home smarter and your routines more convenient.

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