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Your home’s plumbing system is made up of many moving parts. Keeping them working at their best requires professional maintenance.

Service Today can help with our Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan for Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania homeowners. With an annual visit to inspect, clean, and maintain your plumbing, you confidently rely on the pipes, systems, and fixtures throughout your home.

We also include a 15% discount on parts and labor, and you’ll receive priority service.

Join the Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan to put your plumbing maintenance on auto-pilot, or renew your existing plan today.

Benefits of Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Should you invest in annual maintenance for your plumbing systems? You should if you want to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Fewer clogs and backups
  • Fewer repair needs
  • Less wasted water
  • Increased pipe and system life span
  • Better water quality

Sign Up for the Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan

What’s Included in the Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan?

When you sign up for the Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan, we will send a plumber to your home each year to inspect and maintain your major plumbing systems and pipes.

General Plumbing Maintenance

Our general plumbing maintenance services give your plumbing system a once-over. We look for signs of wear and tear, cracks and leaks, as well as:

  • Check visible supply piping
  • Check visible drainage piping
  • Check exterior hose bibs
  • Check the pressure switch

Water Heater Maintenance

Water heater maintenance helps ensure you always have hot water. Whether you have a tank or tankless water heater, we’ll:

  • Check for proper operation
  • Check for leakage or wear
  • Check for proper temperature settings

Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance

Your sinks, toilet, tub, and shower are essential parts of your self-care every day. Bathroom plumbing maintenance will reduce the risk of unwanted surprises and breakdowns. This service includes:

Bathroom Sinks

  • Check valve stops
  • Check drain stops
  • Check for clear drainage
  • Check for leakage under sinks

Tubs & Showers

  • Check valve stops
  • Check drain stops
  • Check for clear drainage
  • Check for leakage 


  • Check the flush valve
  • Check the ball cock
  • Check the fill level

Kitchen Plumbing Maintenance

Keep your plumbing and appliances working properly in your kitchen. Reach out for kitchen plumbing maintenance for your kitchen sink, dishwasher, and ice maker:

Kitchen Sinks

  • Check valve stops
  • Check drain stops
  • Check for clear drainage
  • Check for leakage under the sink


  • Check for proper drainage
  • Check for leaks
  • Check fill level

Ice Makers

  • Check the tap line
  • Check the solenoid for leakage

Laundry Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance for your laundry appliances ensures you have the power to keep your clothing clean with a working laundry tub and washing machine. We will:

  • Check the washer hose for wear and leakage
  • Check the laundry tub drain for leakage
  • Check the washer drain stack for leakage
  • Check the laundry tub valve stops

Sign Up for Service Plans With Service Today

Plumbing maintenance is easy to forget, but it’s important to ensure your home’s safety and function. Make sure you never forget again by enrolling in the  Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan and partnering with our licensed plumbers to keep your plumbing systems in top shape.

Renew your Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan today, or join the plan to take advantage of the benefits. Call us at 844-844-0314 if you have any questions.

Sign Up for the Plumbing Precision Check-Up Plan

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