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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Maryland, Delaware & Pennsylvania

When something goes wrong with your home sewer system, you need a fast, reliable plumber that’s capable of delivering the same-day solutions you deserve.

At Service Today, our team knows how critical it is to rapidly respond to sewer service requests to ensure minimal damage to your home. That’s why our plumbers are available 24/7 to provide the quick, efficient sewer services you need to set the problem right in no time.

If you’re seeking emergency sewer services in Maryland, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, turn to Service Today for the same-day solutions you deserve. Call us at 844-844-0314 to request sewer services today!

Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

It’s important to watch out for the signs that you need sewer line service so you can resolve the problem before it becomes more extensive and costly.

The following are just some of the reasons why you may need to request sewer services for your home:

  • Tree root infiltration: If another drain backs up when you flush the toilet, you may be experiencing tree root infiltration. Tree roots seek water sources, so they’ll find and worsen cracks in your line.
  • Sewer line clogs: A sewer line clog can act like a drain clog, but you’ll see symptoms across multiple fixtures as it affects your entire plumbing system.
  • Damaged sewer lines: When sewer lines have reached the end of their life cycle or have experienced severe damage, they can cause significant damage, like yard flooding, which will drive up your utility bills.

When you call Service Today for sewer services, our team will pinpoint the precise location of any damaged sewer pipes, blockages, or leaks using a video camera pipe inspection, which allows for quick, efficient repair.

If you suspect your sewer lines are to blame for your plumbing problems, contact the professional plumbers at Service Today to request same-day sewer services!

Sewer Line Replacement in Maryland, Delaware & Pennsylvania

In some cases, a sewer line repair is only a temporary solution. Reach out to our team to request sewer line replacement if:

  • Your sewer line was installed before 1960
  • You have Orangeburg piping in your sewer lines
  • Your sewer line is cracked or broken in multiple places

Relying on the most advanced tools and techniques, the Service Today team can provide the fast, effective sewer line replacement services you need to restore your plumbing system.

Call us at 844-844-0314 to request sewer services in Delaware, Maryland, or Pennsylvania today!


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Traditional vs. Trenchless Sewer Line Services

Our plumbers have years of experience servicing Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania sewer systems. We offer trench and trenchless sewer line services and will choose the best technique for your unique plumbing system:

  • Trenchless sewer line replacement and repair: Pipe bursting, cured-in-place piping, and slip lining are no-dig solutions that minimize damage to your yard.
  • Traditional sewer line replacement and repair: Critically impacted systems may not be ideal candidates for trenchless sewer line replacement, so our team also offers traditional sewer line replacement options. We do our best to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Don’t let your broken, clogged, or aging sewer line go ignored. Get the rapid response you need by calling 844-844-0314 to request sewer services from Service Today!

Why Choose Service Today?

Since 1952, our plumbers have been routinely called upon by Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania families because they know they can always trust us for:

  • Background-checked and factory-trained plumbing experts
  • Upfront pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Emergency sewer services
  • Financing options

When you need fast, reliable sewer services for your home, there’s no better team for the job than Service Today.

Let us quickly and efficiently restore your sewer system in no time by calling 844-844-0314 to request sewer service today!  

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