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A Quick Guide to Spooky Plumbing Sounds in Your Home

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Trick-or-treat season brings goblins and witches to your front door. But what do you do if spooky sounds are coming from your plumbing?

Check out these spooky plumbing noises, their meaning, and how a professional plumber can help.


While it could be a chain-laden ghoul, it’s more likely the sound of old water or drain pipes that might have become loosened from their supports within the walls or ceiling.

It’s not a major issue, but it would be cause to call a professional to locate, tighten, replace or install straps to fix the rattle.


A trapped soul, or more likely caused by water rushing through pipes and suddenly being stopped as the water hits the valve.

A plumber can fix the rattling by installing an air chamber close to the fixture.


A crow might be cawing, or it could be a kitchen faucet or bathroom fixture that’s failing.

Fixing the failing component should solve the sound. Often, it’s a washer or another small component that’s failed.


One of the scariest sounds of your plumbing system is the gurgle that comes after you flush a toilet.

The sound can indicate a sewer line backup. Check other fixtures to determine if this is a widespread issue.

Gurgling is a plumbing sound that needs immediate attention.


A humming sound could be a ghost who’s forgotten the words to his favorite song, or it could result from high water pressure vibrating and damaging your pipes.


This sound is coming from the stomach of a hungry monster, or, more likely, it’s the sound of a faulty toilet fill valve that needs replacing.

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