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Whole-Home Generator Repair in Maryland & Delaware

When storms roll through the Eastern Shore, it’s critical for residents to have reliable access to power through their whole-home generator. To ensure that you aren’t stuck in the dark, trust your generator repair needs to the professionals.

At Service Today Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical, we’re proud to offer superior generator repairs for Kohler generators we installed.

Our highly trained and background-checked electricians handle your electrical service needs promptly to give you peace of mind that you’ll be covered during the next power outage.

For expert repairs for your whole-home generator, call Service Today at 844-844-0314 or contact us online!

Signs You Need Generator Repair

If your generator is no longer operating at peak performance, it’s time to call Service Today. We’re here for you to ensure that your generator is working efficiently.

Some  signs that your whole-home generator may need service include:

  • Startup issues: Your whole-home generator should startup quickly after a power outage is detected. If your generator is slow to turn on or doesn’t turn on at all, you may have a fuel or battery issue.
  • Fuel leaks: If you see puddles near your generator, this can be a safety hazard and should be handled immediately by a professional.
  • System alerts: Your generator will often perform its own tests and diagnostic assessments. If you receive an alert that there is an issue, it’s best to call Service Today immediately.
  • Visible damage: Request service immediately if your unit shows any damage or exposed wiring. Frayed wires, caused by time or by rodent damage, can cause an electrical hazard

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24/7 Emergency Generator Repair

At Service Today, we know that a broken generator can be more than a minor inconvenience. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency generator repairs.

With our skilled electricians, you’ll get fast and reliable service to diagnose even the most complex generator issue and perform the necessary maintenance to keep you and your family safe and comfortable during any power outage.

Call Service Today at 844-844-0314 to request emergency generator repair for your Maryland or Delaware home.

What To Expect When You Call for Generator Repair

When you need expert generator repair, the professionals at Service Today are here for you! When our customers call for repairs, we perform comprehensive service. This includes:

  • Discussion of your current generator issues
  • A thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your generator and electrical panel to identify any damage or malfunction
  • Testing and diagnostics to determine the root of the problem
  • Long-lasting and reliable repairs from our friendly and knowledgeable electricians

We ensure consistent communication throughout your appointment so you always know our pricing and specific services required.

If you think your generator may need repair, don’t wait! Call Service Today at 844-844-0314 to schedule service now!

Choose Service Today for Generator Repair in MD & DE

For all your generator needs, trust the team at Service Today. We’re proud to offer Maryland and Delaware homeowners unmatched customer service and unparalleled honesty and integrity.  

With outstanding reviews and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’ve built a reputation of excellence in the Eastern Shore.

Service Today is here for you 24/7 with reliable repairs and upfront pricing so you don’t have to stress about being without power during the next big storm.

To schedule generator repair with one of our experts, call us today at 844-844-0314 or contact us online!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common generator problems?

There are a variety of common generator issues, most of which can be prevented with regular maintenance:

  • Fuel leaks: Fuel leaks are most often caused by overfilling the base tank. It’s best to have a qualified technician refuel your generator to make sure it’s properly filled.
  • Low coolant: Low coolant can lead to the engine on your generator overheating, which can lead to countless other problems and damage to your generator.
  • No fuel: If you find your generator running through fuel faster than it used to, you could have a leak and should call a technician immediately to have it fixed.
  • Generator battery failure: As batteries age, they lose their power capacity. Checking your batteries regularly and knowing how long your generator battery should last can allow you to replace it before it fails.

Why won't my generator start?

There are many reasons why your generator won’t start, including:

  • A dead battery
  • Low fuel levels
  • Low oil levels
  • Fuel leaks

Other common issues include clogged air filters or carburetors, dirty spark plugs, or a clogged fuel valve.

How do I troubleshoot my standby generator?

You should check your generator’s oil level and refill it if needed. Also, inspect for burnt spark plugs and replace them if needed.

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