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Top 4 Reasons to Have a Whole-Home Generator

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The weather is becoming more and more unpredictable, with violent storms and wild climate patterns. Add back a little predictability for peace of mind in your home when you install a whole-home generator.

What Is a Whole-Home Generator?

A whole-home generator is a fuel-powered backup generator that identifies an electrical outage and instantly starts up to restore power to your home.

A whole-home generator is sized according to the number of household appliances you need to power your entire home.

What’s the Difference Between a Whole-Home Generator & a Portable Generator?

The first difference is the amount of power they can supply. A whole-home generator can seamlessly substitute when the power goes out to power your entire home. A portable generator is limited to powering a few key appliances for a brief time.

Portable generators are usually stored somewhere in the home and must be retrieved and set up, which can be difficult with limited lighting. Whole-home generators are permanently installed outside the home. They’re fueled and ready to provide power when needed.

Benefits of Whole-Home Generators

  • Enhanced safety and security: A whole-home generator provides peace of mind. A power outage can disrupt important home appliances and be dangerous, especially for older adults. Instant power means there is no scrambling to find flashlights or light candles.
  • Protection for electronics: Sensitive electronics like computers and medical equipment are protected from power surges that can happen when power is off and restored.
  • Food preservation: Avoid the frustration of throwing away thousands of dollars worth of food or deciding whether the food in your fridge is still edible.
  • Continued comfort: It can get uncomfortable pretty quickly when power knocks out your heating and AC systems. A whole-home generator means your temperature stays where you like it.

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Power outages are something that happens throughout Maryland and Delaware every season.

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